BBF Berlin-Brandenburger Flächenentwicklungs GmbH

We have more than 20 years of professional experience in the project development of real estate and construction projects.

Our team consists of engineers, business economists as well as technically and commercially trained skilled workers.

Our network includes, among others, planning and engineering offices for structural and civil engineering as well as urban planning, surveying and environmental issues.

We continue to cooperate with renowned law, tax and auditing firms.
In execution, we have a sustainable network of construction companies from the building and civil engineering sectors. Furthermore, we work with companies that deal with problems of soil remediation, contaminated sites and ammunition salvage.

As an economically sound medium-sized company, we can make investment decisions very quickly and develop appropriate project ideas.
Due to our internal and external competence we are also able to implement projects with complicated economic, legal and technical backgrounds quickly and efficiently.
Due to our many years of experience, we are a reliable partner for counties and municipalities.

Market observation

Investment in construction and real estate and project development

Urban planning

Property development

Structural engineering